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      ALP330 Fixed Degassing & Refining Device


      Date:2021-01-04 Clicks:

      • Hydrogen and Dross Removal Machine

      Device Description

      ALP330 is an integrated multi-functional fixed 
      installed degasser for AL melt degassing and 
      refining. This system integrates functions such 
      as auto refining flux feeding, auto suction and 
      auto up & down baffles to achieve fast and easy 
      process and less manual participation. 

      Technical Parameters

      1.Model Type: Fixed Installation;
      2.Application Range: Furnace outer diameter ≤1800mm, 
       furnace depth ≤1200mm;
      3.Lift Travel: ≤2000mm;
      4.Power:Hydraulic lift:220V~50Hz, 3KW,
                        Chain lift:380V~50Hz, 3KW;
      5.Rotor Speed: 0~800RPM, adjustable;


      ALP330 Fixed-type Auto Feeding AL Melt Degassing and Refining Unit


      ALP330 Main Application


      ALP330 is an integrated multi-functional fixed degasser for AL melt degassing and refining. This system integrates functions such as auto refining flux feeding, auto suction and auto up & down baffles and rotor degassing together to achieve the best result by auto-switching degassing and refining. ALP330 greatly reduces labor work, raises refining flux use efficiency ratio and saves flux. It also decreases degassing and refining time, saves inert gas, cuts down consumable part loss, improves recovery rate of AL waste and saves energy. It can achieve AL refining, degassing, and waste removal at the lowest cost and at the shortest time, improving ALmelt quality and lowering cost. It brings significant economic benefit in a long run.


      ALP330 Mechanical and Electrical Features


      1.Device Type: Fixed installation and unmovable, the machine height, degassing arm length and up & down travel distance can be customized based on clients furnaces.

      2.The device consists of stainless steel flux feeder, electric baffle  and rotary shaft and rotor. The three major parts are all electric lifted along with the arm.

      3. Hydraulic or chain type, degassing arm can be manually lifted up to avoid solidification of the consumable parts when the power is off.

      4.Eletric Control System: Touch screen+ button press operation.

      5.Control Mode: Manual/Degas/Flux Feeding & Degas, switchable and One-press Auto Mode

      6.Consumable Parts: Total length800mm, rotary shaft diameter80mm, rotor diameter 200mm, rotary shaft and rotor can be customized.

      7.Applicable crucible furnaces: Furnace inner diameter from φ400~φ1500mm.

      8.Power: 3-phase 380V50Hz.(Single-phase 220V is available too)

      9.Rotation Motor: 1.1Kw, inverter driven.

      10.Spindle Rotating Speed: Belt driven, from 0~800RPM, frequency convertible, touch screen setting display.

      11.Suspension Lift Motor: 1.1Kw, dual-chain driven.

      12.Baffle Lift Motor: 0.18Kw, around 10 seconds per hoist travel

      13.Flux Feeder Motor: : 0.37Kw, Max feeding at2kg/min, variable designs available on demand.

      14.Stainless Steel Hopper Capacity: Around 10~15Kgdry refining flux.

      15.Refining Gas Flow Volume: 0.252.5Nm3/h, adjustable.

      16.Refining Gas Pressure: Gas flow meter : 0.5MPa, Original set pressure: 0.5MPa. Low pressure reading: 0.2MPa, max setting value: 0.6MPa, float meter max pressure: 1.0MPa, pressure excess may cause damage of the meter. 

      17.Refining Medium: Powder or grain flux.

      18.Degassing Medium: 99.996% pure industrial nitrogen or 99.99% pure industrial argon.

      19,Feeding time setting: Feeding setting is available for best feeding. Feeding speed and time can be set to control feeding volume, achieving best result with auto baffle to stable the melt surface.

      20.Refining & Degassing Time Setting: 0~ Limitless, adjustable. 

      21.Gas Low Pressure Warning: When input gas pressure lower than 0.2Mpa, buzzer alarm and light warns and blinks for gas change.

      22.The device is equipped with independent air cooler for heated key parts to avoid over-heat damages.

      23. Degassing efficiency is  around 65%, up to National Degassing Standard Level 1 tested by Vacuumed Gas Detector. The result is concluded by one the following two methods:

      A. Test ALmelt degassing efficiency after degassing and refining, degassing rate 65%. Test method: Take samples from before-degassingALmelt and after-degassingALmelt and vacuum the two samples separately with hydrogen detector. Obtain degassing rate by calculating gas hole area on cross sections of both samples.

      B. Take samples from after-degassingALmelt and solidify in vacuum state. Cross section pinhole degree reaches Level 1;


      ALP330 Advantages


      1.Auto flux feeding and suction, auto mixing and homogenizing, reducing manual labor work, improving and saving refining flux usage, shortening degassing and refining time, saving inert gas, reducing graphite consumption, raising recovery rate of AL waste and energy saving. It can achieveALrefining, hydrogen removal or degassing, and waste removal at the lowest cost and at the shortest time, improvingALmelt quality and lowering cost. It brings significant economic benefit in a long run.

      2.Fixed type, can be used as collective degassing station, single location use, avoid movement by pushing or hanging.

      3.Electric chain driven lift, stable, high efficiency and less maintenance, improving work efficiency and easy to replace components.

      4.Simple and easy electric-control operation, multiple control modes switchable, fitting furnaces of different sizes, one-press auto mode to complete degassing and refining.

      5.Low Pressure Warning: When inert gas pressure lower than 0.1Mpa, buzzer alarm and light warns and blinks for gas change.

      6.When pre-set degassing time ends, rotor stops and gas supply switches to minimum for a certain period until degassing arm elevates to upper limit then it shuts off automatically. Warning light warning alerts. System shuts down when degassing arm reaches the highest limit.

      7.Nitrogen and argon can be used as degassing medium. Mixed by adjustable rotation, not onlyALmelt can fully contact and react with refining flux, but also refining and degassing time is shortened, cost is reduced and work environment is improved due to a pollution-free process.

      8.Inert gas flow can be adjustable to achieve the best flow rate, not only refining and degassing effects can be improved, but also cost is reduced, quality is raised and percentage of pass yielding is increased.

      9.Rotation speed can be adjusted according to different density ofALmelt for the best mixing results. Higher refining flux usage efficiency and better degassing effects can greatly reduce waste production caused by gas bubbles and impurity, substantially raising yielding rate.

      10.Only refining flux and inert gases are used as medium, no corrosion damage to ladles and crucible furnace.

      11.Electric baffle plays a part as blocking and preventingALmelt from generating too large vortex, making a more stable melt surface and reducing second pollution in process.

      12.Device parameters can be set, and the operation status can be shown on touch screen. Status can be monitored. through control panel at anytime.

      13.Compact structure, firm and simple, with easy maintenance.Air cooling devices are set at multiple positions for assurance of overheat protection.

      14.System auto-stops and warning lights auto-alerts operator after degassing.

      15.Fast connectors for power source and gas circuit, easy and convenient.

      16.The system is equipped with manual lift handle. Degassing arm can be lifted manually for sudden power failure, avoiding rotor being solidified in melt when power down.

      17.Degassing efficiency is around 65%, as Level 1 of National Degassing Standards, tested by hydrogen detector.

      ALP330 Degassing and Refining Principles


      First, a vortex is created by mixing through high speed rotating degassing rotor. Then the feeder feeds powder or grain refining flux into the vortex and melt surface by set time and set quantity. Flux will be sucked into the vortex and dispersed evenly into theALmelt by mixing of the spinning graphite rotor, making flux and melt fully contact and react. Meanwhile, through specially designed degassing rotor, inert gas will be pressed into the melt and dispersed into millions of bubbles evenly in the melt. The hydrogen continuously spreads into the bubbles because of zero partial pressure of the bubble and higher partial pressure of hydrogen in melt. Nonmetallic impurity will be attached to surface of the bubbles and floats to the melt surface together with the hydrogen captured by the small bubbles and the inert gas. System can be set for feeding quantity and degassing time. Electric baffle can descend into the melt to block and prevent vortex regenerating after degassing, there for to stabilize the surface. When set degassing time ends, degassing arm will be auto-lifted to the highest limit, along with graphite shaft and rotor. Then labor removal of impurity and waste on surface is required to complete a degassing and refining procedure. This is a process of the highest automation, shortest degassing time and best degassing effect so far, suitable forALproduct manufacturers. With fixed installation and less space occupation, the system can be easily installed in casting workshops.

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